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Chrome plating



The company performs chrome plating of stainless steel, black steel and non-ferrous metals. Chrome plating process is carried out in 2.5-meter-long galvanic baths.


Chrome plating of stainless steel, black steel and non-ferrous metals is performed as a continuous process with the utmost care and stable quality, what is confirmed by periodic tests in our laboratory and Quality Department.



Cr3+ chrome platingChrome plating of stainless steel


We also provide our customers with the Cr3+ chrome plating. This type of chromium plating allows for precise distribution of the coating on the element, which affects the high aesthetics of the object. The Cr3+ chrome plating is less harmful to human health and what is also worth emphasizing is more environmentally friendly.
Our technology allows for chrome plating of stainless steel. This process is performed in order to improve the thermal decolorization of detail, gives them a unique light-cold tone and prevents from premature tarnishing.

We have a fully automated galvanic line, based on modern system solutions that ensure the optimal organization of the production process.

As a result, galvanizing process is characterized by high efficiency, stable production and reliable operation.