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About Us

In the process of nickel plating we use components of the highest quality from leading world producers made in the latest technology. Nickel plating of stainless and black steel, brass components or copper is performed in a professional manner by qualified personnel. The process is carried out in 2.5-meter-long galvanic baths.


Galvanic services are carried out for anticorrosion, decorative or technological purposes.


The company also performs the semi-gloss nickel plating. Application of nickel in this process gives a highly smoothed and ductile coating having superior anti-corrosion properties when used as a sublayer in systems with double or multiple layers of nickel. By using this technology, a very high corrosion resistance is obtained, what is confirmed by tests in the salt chamber.


Nickel plating of stainless and black steel, brass and copper elements offers consistent nickel layer thickness and quality of the product. Nickel plating of all components is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the European Union.

Nickel plating